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  • Heather Woodruff

IBS Does Not Equal Hermit

I posted a quote a few weeks ago on my instagram account that had a lot of followers snickering ‘Good friends talk about their sex lives, best friends talk about poop’. I can’t take the credit for this truth bomb but felt the need to share a laugh with others.

The big truth though is that while it’s estimated that 10-15% of people worldwide suffer from IBS, it’s a debilitating issue they often battle alone. Calling in sick for a cold/flu is no biggie but telling your boss you can’t stop pooping can be super awkward. Or skipping a dinner with friends because you’re so constipated, bloated and uncomfortable you can’t get off the couch.

So you get the double emotional whammy of missing out on fun social times paired with the isolation of not feeling comfortable talking about it. And to add an organic cherry on top; 90% of our serotonin (our feel good hormone) is produced in the gut. Meaning that when we have compromised digestion we may not be creating enough serotonin. No wonder 50 – 70% of those suffering from IBS experience varying degrees of depression and anxiety.

Having a tribe, community, support system of some kind in place is essential for lifting us up on our darkest days and helping us feel less alone in the frustrating world of IBS. It’s amazing how we as humans thrive from true belonging and acceptance and there are literally hundreds of studies proving this.

This is exactly why I created the FREE Natural IBS Support Facebook Group. I wanted to create a place for those who are currently suffering from IBS in silence to come and be part of a community who knows and feels exactly what they are going through (even when they physically cannot leave the house). A place that I can fill with amazing gut healing recipes and proven resources focused on ibs repair and recovery. I have big dreams for this tribe and I would be honored if you joined and allowed me to support you on becoming wild and ibs free so you can stop ‘managing’ and start healing.

Join the FREE Natural IBS Support Facebook Group. A place with gut healing recipes and proven resources focused on IBS repair and recovery.

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