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Plumeria Flower


North Vancouver, BC

Finally, solid bowel movements after a lifetime of digestive issues!

Along with my digestive issues I also struggled with acne, and a knee surgery that just would not heal. After working with Heather my bowel movements are finally solid (they have been soft for as long as I can remember!) my knees are better and my acne is finally clearing.

I was initially nervous about the cost investment but Heather was so supportive and met me where I was at in my journey. I specifically loved having the 24-7 email support that she provided!

Plumeria Flower


Barrhead, AB

After working with Heather my rosacea and inflammation on my skin are almost entirely
gone, I feel lighter and have more energy. I also barely get bloated anymore!

I was so ready to take my nutrition to the next level and eat in a way that was specific to the health issues I was experiencing. I’ve tried ‘clean eating’ programs before but they didn’t work because I didn’t take the time to discover what foods I may be sensitive to. It was incredible how every single issue I was experiencing could be solved by cleaner, simpler nutrition. I’ve also learned to shift my focus from intense workouts to more focused nutrition to get the weight results I am after.

My custom program Heather built for me could not have been more personalized. The in depth health history form was incredible and it was amazing to have someone in my corner who was passionate about my health. I have already recommended Heather to several of my friends!

Plumeria Flower


Dublin Ireland

After working with Heather I have way more energy and my gut feels like it is finally
working normally!

I knew I was having reactions to foods but could not figure out which foods in particular. Now, I don’t feel sluggish, my eczema and ketosis pilaris are completely clear and I very rarely have any of the bloating or cramping issues I had before.

I liked her weekly check in emails and content because it was great to have clear new goals each week. I would highly recommend working with Heather, especially if you are having problems eating certain foods.

Plumeria Flower


Vancouver, BC

I had a much happier tummy, clearer skin and the added unexpected bonus of some
weight loss!

I had always had skin issues since I was a kid – eczema, dermatitis and as I got older I started having a lot of trouble with my tummy – I was just generally unhappy. I even managed to get acne in my 30’s! I decided to work with Heather after seeing her give a presentation and she was able to describe all the problems I had as something she herself had healed from, so I was hooked! I embarked on a nutrition program with Heather. This involved going gluten, dairy and sugar free as well as a few other specific items we felt I may have been reacting too.


At the start I thought this was going to be awful but it actually turns out it wasn’t. After a few short weeks into my program I easily fell into a routine and by the end of the 6 week program I was definitely able to see the benefits. Heather was always available for my random questions as this was all completely foreign to me. She also helped me educate myself much better and my knowledge of food is amazing compared to what I knew one year ago. I whole heartedly recommend Heather. She is warm, knowledgeable, encouraging and understands exactly what you’re going through as she’s been through it all herself before.

Plumeria Flower


Spruce Grove, AB

The last 6 months or so, have been life changing. With Heather’s help I've changed my
diet and found I have some additional food sensitivities that cause havoc on my body &
my brain.

I wasn't functioning. I was stressed, I was in pain, it all came to a head and I suddenly couldn't get out of bed anymore. I was depressed because I couldn't function, I couldn't function because I was in pain, which made me depressed. I literally spent all this past spring in bed. Leaving the house was a struggle, being social killed me even more...

I couldn't let my kids see me like this anymore and knew I needed to advocate for myself. In as little as 2 weeks I was feeling "normal" again! The best thing of all, is that I finally have the energy to get back to the gym.

Plumeria Flower


Kamloops, BC

After working with Heather I feel the absolute best I ever have! My skin is glowing, I have
so much energy and I sleep great!

I am also the thinnest (in a good way) that I have ever been. Heather explained things in a way that made sense to me and had so many health tips and suggestions. Every moment with her was an ah-ha moment as her guidance, support, education and knowledge were awesome!

Yes, yes, yes over again yes would I recommend Heather, she changed me and my family’s lives for the better. I feel so blessed to have been able to work with her.

Plumeria Flower

Erin Roman, Registered Dietician

Vancouver Island, BC

A Wealth of Information

Heather is a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable nutritionist. I've learned so much from
her, especially around digestive health for both mom and babe. She is definitely a wealth of

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