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Tradition Chinese Medicine for Digestive Healing

While working with clients nutritionally to get to the core of their health and digestion issues I love recommending other complimentary healing approaches when appropriate to truly maximize healing and recovery. I especially find Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to work so beautifully alongside nutrition.

Appropriately timed for Halloween I got a little witchy and chatted with Dr. Angela Foran who is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine practicing for over 10 years. She spent 5 years teaching at the International College of Traditional Chinese medicine and is now founder of Vancouver’s only Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispensary, Shanti Solutions.

See the above video for the full interview and below for key links discussed…

Dr. Foran’s favorite resources for learning more about TCM:

Book: Between Heaven & Earth – checklist for mini diagnosis

Book: The Web that has no Weaver – more technical

Herbs she used to design the custom tea blend for my food sensitivities program: The Elimination Program

Nettle (cleansing, skin clearing, rich in vitamins and minerals), Turmeric (powerful anti-inflammatory), dandelion leaf (detoxifying for clearing excess histamine and inflammation), Mint (digestive calming), Rose bud (moves body energy, bloating, belching, calming).

Where to find Dr. Angela Foran…

Her website:

How to find a TCM Practitioner in your area…

Check the TCM regulatory board for your province to ensure they are registered and have a license to practise.

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