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How to Stop Managing IBS & Start Healing

When is comes to the STATS on IBS they are so startling that I simply that I couldn’t keep to myself…

5 Million Canadians are currently diagnosed with IBS and struggle daily to manage the symptoms of abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, excess gas and diarrhea or constipation or both. (That’s a whole lotta people!)

IBS occurs most frequently in women under the age of 50 (what the heck ladies?!)

And there is a huuuuuge correlation between IBS and depression/anxiety. (No, it is not in your head).

Another little known fact is that IBS does not have to be forever. Most lovely humans upon diagnosis are told that IBS is ‘incurable’ and the goal is to just manage the symptoms with medication or are randomly handed a pamphlet on the Low Fodmap Diet. Very few are given any clear dietary support whatsoever even though most IBS flare-ups occur after meals.

Potential Causes of IBS...

Gut Inflaming Diet:

Many of us (including me once upon a time) are eating foods that inflame our gut every single day, without even realizing it! The human diet has changed so drastically in the last 50 years that our body has no idea how to digest it, let alone thrive from it. Refined sugar, processed food, chemicals (yes these exist in ‘food like products’) can be like throwing gas on a flame.

Identify Food Triggers

One of the most common causes of intestinal inflammation are food sensitivities. A few of the ones I notice often in my IBS clients are gluten containing foods and dairy but many other foods can also be culprit. I highly recommend keeping a thorough food journal for at least week and try to pin point exactly when your flare-ups are occurring. My Calm your Gut Program is a proven protocol designed to help you pinpoint YOUR unique tummy triggers and soothe digestive irritation.


And irritated brain = an irritated gut (and vice versa). Science is solid on the fact that there is a direct relationship between the gut and the brain. Meaning that stress can either be causing your IBS or aggravating it. A mindful practice such as; yoga, meditation, walks in nature, etc are necessary for those with IBS.

Gut Flora Imbalances

Try and think back to when your IBS symptoms first started… Was it after a trip to Mexico where you had a bad run of traveler's diarrhea? After taking antibiotics for that cold a few years back? For optimal digestion and overall good health our colon needs an amazing balance and variety of beneficial microbes. If this has been disrupted in some way we can see long term affects such as IBS, low immune systems, hormonal imbalances, depression/anxiety, etc. Balancing this with the help of a natural health or functional health care professional is key here.

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