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How to make 2019 the Year your Tummy Finally Calms the Heck Down!

2019 is going to be a big year for Heather Woodruff Nutrition...

I have literally spent days mapping out projects galore to elevate the healthful vibration of this earth by supporting women to live wild and IBS free through deep digestive healing. I have wildly intentional plans in place like the next round of the Calm your Gut program (starts Jan 26!), Sacred Gut Healing Workshops booked through the winter (Costa Rica here I come!) and a brand new online workshop (stay tuned!)

So much tummy healing goodness to help you truly listen to your gut and actually do something about it!

But today I want to bring it back to you my digestively challenged friend. Healthfully; what do you want your 2019 to look like? You don’t need to be perfect but what would it take to be the healthiest version of yourself that YOU have ever felt?

In order to set goals with soul, which we actually stick to, we need to go beyond just throwing out some new year’s resolutions or buying a yoga membership. We need to dig deep (really deep!).


1. Get Clear

Take a deep breath and get super clear on what you really want your health to look like in 2019. If you simply say ‘I want to feel healthy’ - start again. This is NOT clear enough.

Perhaps you want to fit in your jeans all day without having to unbutton by late afternoon due to growing belly bloat. Or book a trip to Bali and not stress about how your poor tummy will handle the shift in food. Or maybe you just want to poop every single day!

Regardless of what it is; get clear and write it down!

2. Your Big Why

Now that you know what you want, think long and hard about why you want it?

So you can fearlessly apply for your dream job and know you will not wrack up sick days? So your spunky child can see you as a healthful aligned mama?

Again, if your answer is ‘I want to feel better’ keep asking yourself ‘but why’ until you nail it. You can usually feel it when you’ve hit it! Talk it out if need be, my voice often quivers when I have it.

3. How are you going to Get There?

This is where you get into the details… Now that you are crystal clear on where you ARE going (that is not a typo, you’ve got to believe it!) you need to map out how you’re going to get there.

Why aren’t you there now? What are you missing or need to make this happen? Sign up for a digestive healing program, book an initial call with a healthcare practitioner that specializes in exactly what you are looking for, commit to cooking one new recipe a week made from scratch (and put it in your schedule!). Whatever it is, make a plan!

4. Stay Accountable

Why do we fall off the wagon with our goals? Because out of sight out of mind. Recruit a health buddy, join a health focused support group, put reminders in your phone, change your screen saver to a positive mantra (‘I will only eat foods that nourish my belly!’)

These may sound silly but I promise you it’ll make the difference between you succeeding and you coming full circle again next year with the same darn goal.

What’s your CLEAR HEALTH GOAL for 2019?! I would looooove to hear it so please come join us over at the Natural IBS Support Facebook Group and share it!

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