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Where to Find Accurate IBS Support (PS: It’s Not Google)

I remember my IBS journey many moons ago; It was frustrating, I missed work, I felt terrible and meals were a complete guessing game. After my doctor simply shrugged and said, ‘it must be IBS’ and sent me on my way I had no idea what to do. So I spent the next year ‘figuring it out on my own’. It was super confusing and lonely.

I finally got the health support I needed, healed my gut, became a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and vowed to support women to become wild and IBS free through deep digestive healing. I am determined to not let anyone walk that journey alone like I did.

This is exactly why I created the Natural IBS Support Facebook Group. Why is this group amazing?


It’s hosted by a Certified Nutritional Practitioner & Digestive Guru (ps: that’s me!). Working with the digestively challenged is literally all I do! I also spent 3 years working at a integrative cancer care centre supporting some of the most digestively compromised people on the planet due to illness or treatment.


This tribe is full of amazing free spirited women like you, in all stages of their digestive health journey, who are done with simply ‘managing’ their chronic tummy trouble and truly want to heal their earth (aka: their gut). Find out what’s working, what’s not working or life changing from those who are going through what you are going through.


There are daily tips, recipes and meal plans to take the guess work out of ‘what the heck to eat!’ Exclusive video trainings only available here. I did one last week on brewing the perfect IBS Calming Tea and there will be lots more to come!

So stop searching IBS in google and join this amazing tribe: The Natural IBS Support Facebook Group

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