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5 Amazing Cookbooks to Nourish You From the Inside Out

As we take our first few steps into 2018 many of us set goals to ‘eat better’ but as time rolls on our motivation may drop or perhaps we didn’t know where to start so we never started. My favorite way to take the vagueness out of goal and give it more inspiration is to get more specific. Like instead of ‘eat better’ maybe it’s take a homemade lunch to work 3 days a week, add 1 extra veggie to my dinner or my personal favorite… Make one new recipe per week made from scratch.

This last one is actually how I started my health journey many moons ago. Each recipe win started to make its way into my regular cooking rotation and crowd out the not so optimal meals I was having. Within a couple months I was eating a primarily whole foods based diet by adding foods, not deleting them. I watched my skin start to glow and gassy bloated tummy rapidly deflate. You can read more about my story here.


'' I watched my skin start to glow and

gassy bloated tummy rapidly deflate...'


A great place to get some inspiration is a shiny new nourishing cookbook packed full of healthful goodness! I have listed 5 of my favorites below…

5 Cookbooks to Inspire You...

1. Joyous Health Cookbook by Joy McCarthy

This one is great because it’s half solid guidance on living a more healthful life (everything from gut health to stocking you kitchen) and the second half is delicious recipes. My favorite recipe: Apple Walnut Sprouted French Toast

2. The UnDiet Cookbook by Meghan Telpner

One of the big bonuses to this cookbook is that it is gluten free so an excellent choice for those with a gluten sensitivity/allergy/celiac. The book is vegetarian and while I am not, I love cooking very heavily with plants and adding in a little animal protein when I feel the need. This ensures that at least half my plate is colorful veggies. Favorite Recipe: Breakfast Parfection

3. Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther

This farm to table cookbook had me at homemade sauerkraut and bone broth. It follows more traditional foods like soups, stews and sourdough (no green smoothies here!). My only comment is that there is a lot of recipes containing dairy so can be limiting if this is something you are sensitive to. Favorite Recipe: Pan Fried Savoy Cabbage & Bacon

4. Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon

This book has lots of yummy recipes but where I feel it truly shines is the baking and desserts (yes, you can healthfully make dessert!). Lots of options for granola bars, muffins and even donuts! I did find a few of the recipes a little sweet and still occasionally used sugar but I easily swapped out for one of my favorite non-sugar options. Because this book is vegan it is dairy and egg free which is handy for those who are sensitive to either. Favorite Recipe: Lighten Up Crispy Baked Fries

5. Heal Your Gut Cookbook by Hilary Boynton & Mary G. Bracket

This book is the golden ticket for anyone with ongoing irritable bowel, indigestion, excess gas, bloating, etc. It’s packed full of some of the most easily digestible foods on the planet that I have seen work wonders for myself and my clients. Favorite recipe: Butternut Squash Soup and salted caramels

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