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The Top IBS Friendly Snacks

One of my favorite classes in Nutrition school was herbal medicine. I suppose that was my inner witch already coming out. For our final class we had a scheduled ‘herb walk’ to identify healing plants. To this day I still love recommending teas and tinctures for digestive healing. As excited as I was to frolic through the medicinal herb garden that day, I remember politely attempting to grill the instructor on how long we would be gone and would we be back by lunch. My instructor looked at me confused by the type A questions coming from a non-type A person, but my fellow nutrition school mates giggled. I had already built a reputation as a bit of a snacker. I was the person who always had apples in my purse and granola bars stashed in the car (just in case). I am no longer as snack crazed due to some intense microbiome rebalancing (a story for another time) but back then, I needed to know I had something on hand to prevent hangry-Heather from making a nasty appearance. So I thought it was important to share some healthful snacks that are easy on the gut and actually promote digestive healing. Keeping our blood sugar balanced has been shown to decrease cravings and reduce overall inflammation in the body (including our temperamental tummies).

Gut Healing Snacks for IBS

Chia Pudding: This teeny tiny seed is a nutritious powerhouse and one of my go-tos for digestive health. It's an excellent source of protein for healing & rebuilding, healthy fat for decreasing inflammation and fiber for keeping our blood sugar balanced to prevent cravings. The mucilage properties within chia seeds also work as a 'band-aide' within the intestines themselves to protect digestive irritation and allow for better healing. Get chia pudding recipe here.

Bone Broth: You may not have thought of having a cup of this gut rebuilding gloriousness as a snack but homemade bone broth is high in protein and full of easily digestible nutrients including; minerals, collagen and L-glutamine, all of which are incredible for IBS healing and recovery. There is an amazing Bone Broth Cider recipe in the 3 Day Meal Plan for IBS Flare Ups! You can make your own bone broth (recipe also in the FREE Meal Plan) or purchase from companies who create a traditional slow cook bone broth like Wild Moon Organics.

Sprouted Nuts/Seeds: Raw nuts and seeds may seem like a healthful snack option but for those with IBS like symptoms they can be difficult to digest and even irritating for the intestines. Sprouted nuts and seeds have far less lectins, phytic acids and digestive inhibitors making them a lot easier to digest and allows us to absorb their nutrients more readily. I love getting my sprouted goodness from Home Grown Living Foods.

Low Fodmap Almond Cookies: If you have been googling IBS I am sure you have come across the Low Fodmap Diet which eliminates foods high in fermentable sugars. Some people with chronic tummy trouble seem to struggle to digest these types of sugars so my Low Fodmap Almond Cookies can be a nice high protein alternative. Get this recipe here.

Strawberry or Chocolate Hemp Milk: With dairy being a common gut trigger for many, it’s important to have some quick and easy dairy replacements on hand. When blended, hemp seeds create a wonderfully satisfying creamy beverage with healthful fats that reduce inflammation in the body and can benefit skin disorders (like eczema), reduce symptoms of PMS, and aid digestion. Get these two recipes here.

Hard Boiled Eggs: Sometime back yonder, eggs got a bad unhealthful rap which has long since been proven false. But so loud were these egg-haters that I still get frequent questions on whether or not we should be eating eggs. My short and long answer; heck yay! Eggs are one of the most easily digestible sources of quality protein and healthy fat which are both essential for rebuilding and healing the gut. Eggs are also an excellent source of choline for brain function and iodine for thyroid health. The only time I recommend avoiding them is if you have confirm them as one of your gut triggers with zero doubt. What’s your favorite tummy friendly snack? Come join the conversation in the Natural IBS Support Facebook Group.

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