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Brain Fog & IBS?

Lack of focus, poor memory, low energy, headaches, low motivation and feeling like your brain is literally in a constant fog? No, you are NOT going crazy and YES this can be related to your tummy trouble.

Research validating just how powerful the gut brain-connection is, continually keeps getting published at an impressive rate. So it’s indisputable that our brains affect our gut and our gut DEFINITELY affects our brains. So I am going to dive into a few digestive imbalances that could be the causing your brain fog…

Poor Diet

Since the majority of persons with IBS report symptoms getting substantially worse after meals, we know that FOOD MATTERS when it comes to your gut health. And when your belly is chronically inflamed, it is not optimally digesting and absorbing key nutrients necessary for a healthy beautiful brain.

Replacing the high sugar, refined carbs, and processed foods in your day with yummy eats your great-grandmother would recognize as food is actually the first step in getting your gut to calm the heck down. Your digestive tract has evolved over millions of years to know how to digest this type of food, REAL FOOD.

But when it gets hit with foods it doesn’t recognize or understand, it struggles to figure out how to digest it and actually pull nutrients that our body and brain can thrive on. Check out the recipes in my FREE 3 Day Meal Plan.

Food Sensitivities

The number of symptoms that can accompany food sensitivities is a bit ridiculous. Along with digestive upset like gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain we also may experience other health issues like; fatigue, rapid heart rate, joint pain, headaches and good ‘ol emotional imbalances like brain fog.

A client I had a few years back experienced the joy of having her brain fog lift in a mere week after we replaced a few suspected food sensitivities from her diet. She actually described it as ‘the fog lifting and the world around her finally coming clearly into view’.

Pinpointing your food sensitivities or gut triggers with absolute certainty is a key piece to your digestive health puzzle and why so many lovely humans have had massive relief with their IBS symptoms from taking part in the Calm your Gut Program.

Gut Microbiota Imbalance

If microbiota, gut flora or gut bacteria are brand new terms for you then you definitely want to check out this blog post. But in a nut shell your gut microbiome is collection of bacteria, viruses and yeasts that live in our colon.

That may sound weird and gross but this little community is essential to our overall health, especially our digestive and our brain health! In fact; 95% of your serotonin (your feel good hormone) is produced here.

But your gut flora can become imbalanced (for a number of reasons) and ‘bad’ guys can start outnumbering the ‘good’ guys. We see this in cases like (but not limited to) candida overgrowth or SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth.)‘Bad’ bacteria release toxins and a lot of histamine which can cause that brain fog like feeling.

Rebalancing your gut microbiome goes beyond simply popping a probiotic. It means finding a way of eating that starves out the bad bacteria, calms your inflamed belly and allows the good guys to flourish. It also involves continually re-inoculating your gut (when it’s ready) with health promoting bacteria via fermented foods and probiotics for a period of time.

If you are confused where to even start, try the FREE 3 Day Meal Plan to Calm your IBS Flare Ups. This meal plan is full of recipes prepared in a way that is soooo easy to digest (even for the most temperamental of tummies) and promotes gut healing. Download your FREE meal plan here.

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