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How I Finally Figured out What to Feed my IBS Prone Belly

A decade ago may not be a lifetime, but it sure feels like it to me when I think how far I’ve come with my IBS…

Back then my belly and I were not in a happy place… All I had to show for several months’ worth of lab tests, stool samples and abdominal ultrasounds in the conventional medical world was the diagnosis: “all tests are normal, so it must be IBS” and I was sent on my way.

I was almost ready to believe the story that this life with a bloated Buddha belly and running to the bathroom 8+ times per day was it for me. But somehow I found myself sitting in a Naturopathic Doctor’s office describing my IBS symptoms to yet another doctor. Clinging to hope that looking 5 months pregnant was not going to be my forever.

But instead the doctor gently pointed out several seemingly healthful foods I was consuming every single day that were actually inflaming my gut. I was shocked! I mean, I ate a lot of veggies, I put greens powder in my smoothies, I barely ate meat and yet; the way I was eating was turning my belly upside down.

I was given a few book recommendations and I spent the next few months going down the nutrition rabbit hole but never really coming out the other side. I wanted to make changes but crazy Heather (that’s what I call fear-based Heather inside my brain) had all these excuses like…

  • But I’ll have to give up my favorite foods!

  • Or my meals will taste gross and I’ll never enjoy food again.

  • Or my friends and family will think me and my crazy diet are weird.

Or the big one…

  • What if I do all this work revamping my diet and it doesn’t even work?

But then happy-place Heather chimed in…

“But what if you just try?”

And so I did.

And guess where I’m at now? I’m planning a trip to Costa Rica next month and haven’t stress at all about how my belly will react to travel and new foods.

I wear flowy dresses because I think they’re pretty not because they’ll hide my chronically bloated belly.

And I go to the bathroom 1x per day (you heard me, not 8 - just once!)

I’m not going to pretend that journey was easy like ‘3 easy steps to cure your IBS!’ I poured through websites, nutrition books, and cookbooks trying to find recipes that not only kept my belly calm, but also tasted super yummy and it was tough. I had some pretty epic cooking fails but I also had some really eye-opening wins like coconut banana pancakes! I made a choice to keep showing up and taking steps forward.

Sometimes a shake my head at the ‘what-ifs’ of where I would be if I had stayed stuck back listening to crazy Heather and it kind of makes me sick to my stomach. Because I don’t want to be that girl curled up on the couch with arms wrapped around my painfully bloated belly and willing myself to stop running to the bathroom.

But luckily I didn’t, and here I am now; a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and I have based my entire wellness practice on supporting women to live wild and IBS free so they can stop managing and start healing!

So I am going to make things super easy for you by cramming all the amazingness that I learned when it comes to food and chronic tummy trouble into my free masterclass: How to Transform Everyday Meals into Powerful Gut Healers.

In this class I will share with you this step by step approach to building a gut healing meal every single day that allows you to confidently make food choices that will keep your beautiful belly happy!

Register here for the FREE Masterclass: How to Transform Everyday Meals into Powerful Gut Healers

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