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How to Transform Everyday Meals into Powerful Gut Healers

January 21 @ 7pm PST

The Benefits:

When you are living a life with IBS and chronic tummy trouble there is nothing more confusing than the food you put in your body.


The truth is, your meals can help repair your gut but the wrong choices can actually damage it further and send you into an uncomfortable flare up. 


So I would love to share with you this step by step approach to building a gut healing meal that allows you to confidently put food in your mouth you know will keep your belly happy!

BONUS: Downloadable IBS shopping list provided (as long as you turn up live).

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What You'll Learn...


The essential foods that are necessary to calm gut inflammation


Remove Inflammation

The key foods you may be eating every single day that are creating constant
digestive irritation (many of these will surprise you!)


Easy food preparation tips that greatly improve digestibility allowing your
tummy to stay happy and calm after meals.

Duration: 1 hour

Life Changing: heck yay!

Your Host

Heather is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner & Digestion Guru who loves supporting women to live wild and IBS FREE through deep digestive healing, so they can stop just managing and start healing. This means helping you to discover the abundance of delicious nourishing food you CAN actually eat that will not inflame your chronically inflamed tummy but actually nourish and repair it.

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