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½ cup unsweetened apple sauce

¼ cup raw unpasteurized honey

2 cups of gluten free oats

½ cup brown rice flour

½ cup shredded coconut (sulphite- free)

½ cup pumpkin seeds

½ cup raisins/dried fruit (sulphite- free)

2 tbsp of cinnamon

1 tbsp vanilla bean extract

1 tsp coconut oil


Preheat oven to 350°F.

In a medium bowl add oats, flour, coconut, pumpkin seeds, raisins and cinnamon. In separate bowl combine vanilla, honey and apple sauce. Add apple sauce mixture to dry ingredients and mix with hands (it’s much easier this way). Grease bottom of 12’ x 8’ baking dish with coconut oil. Pour entire granola mixture into dish and pat down evenly. Bake for 35 min. Remove from oven and let cool 10-15 min then cut into squares. It is much easier to cut when still slightly warm.


Store in fridge for up to five days or freeze for longer.


Hangry; the feeling of hunger and anger simultaneously, especially when the anger is induced by hunger.


Excellent source of fibre, protein & antioxidants.


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