The Essential Dietary Steps For Calming & Repairing Your IBS

Within my tribe of beautiful souls with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or chronic tummy trouble I see women at varying stages in their journey… I see the woman who after multiple doctors and specialist visits receives her diagnosis of exclusion – IBS. Which means all tests are ‘normal’ so it must be IBS. She is sent on her way with little to no dietary support even though the current research is showing that nutritional guidance should be the first-line treatment for calming IBS symptoms. I see the woman who believes that diet does have an effect on her painfully bloated tummy and has tried to eat better but is completely confused if what she is trying is helping or hindering because the blo

Ketogenic Diet - Is it right for you and your gut?

Wholly moly if I had to pick a diet trend/buzz word of 2019 it would probably be Keto. Everything from keto bars, keto supplements and keto smoothie powders are lining the grocery store shelves. There are even whole companies who base their entire product line on ketogenic food products. But what is the ketogenic diet and is it good for you and your temperamental tummy? Well read on my curious friend… What is it? Keto is short for Ketosis which is when you eat in a way that changes your body’s fuel source from glucose to fat. In a nutshell it’s eating a very low carb diet (limit grains, starchy veggies, beans, legumes, fruit, etc) with a high amount of healthful fat (avocados, coconut, olive

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