Is Coffee Good for your Gut?

Coffee!!! Yes, I’m going there today. I feel this is one of the most loved beverages on the planet and one with the most confusion behind it. ‘Is coffee healthy for me?!’ is a question I get a lot (often asked very tentatively as coffee lovers are usually terrified of what my answer may be). But coffee isn’t a clear cut ‘yay or nay’, it’s a big ‘ol fat ‘it depends’. The health benefits of coffee 1. High in Antioxidants Coffee beans show more antioxidant activity than even green tea! It contains antioxidants like quinines which actually become more potent after roasting. Two other key antioxidants in coffee are chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid which protect our cells in the body from damage

Brain Fog & IBS?

Lack of focus, poor memory, low energy, headaches, low motivation and feeling like your brain is literally in a constant fog? No, you are NOT going crazy and YES this can be related to your tummy trouble. Research validating just how powerful the gut brain-connection is, continually keeps getting published at an impressive rate. So it’s indisputable that our brains affect our gut and our gut DEFINITELY affects our brains. So I am going to dive into a few digestive imbalances that could be the causing your brain fog… Poor Diet Since the majority of persons with IBS report symptoms getting substantially worse after meals, we know that FOOD MATTERS when it comes to your gut health. And when you

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