Why Cutting Out Foods isn’t the Answer to your IBS

‘I don’t know how to cope with all the foods I can’t eat anymore because of my IBS, it’s just so depressing!’ The above quote came directly from one of my past clients before we started working together and unfortunately for those with IBS symptoms this is often their reality. In an attempt to figure out a way of eating that doesn’t send you running to the loo you, may have tried cutting out one or more foods. Like foods high in FODMAPS, gluten, dairy or any that cast a shadow. Ok this last one was me being a silly-pants, but it may feel like that for you if you continually just keep blindly restricting, restricting, restricting until you have no idea what to eat anymore. When you just keep

How I Finally Figured out What to Feed my IBS Prone Belly

A decade ago may not be a lifetime, but it sure feels like it to me when I think how far I’ve come with my IBS… Back then my belly and I were not in a happy place… All I had to show for several months’ worth of lab tests, stool samples and abdominal ultrasounds in the conventional medical world was the diagnosis: “all tests are normal, so it must be IBS” and I was sent on my way. I was almost ready to believe the story that this life with a bloated Buddha belly and running to the bathroom 8+ times per day was it for me. But somehow I found myself sitting in a Naturopathic Doctor’s office describing my IBS symptoms to yet another doctor. Clinging to hope that looking 5 months pregnant was not

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