IBS and the Holidays – How to Keep your Belly Calm!

I don’t know about your calendar, but my holiday schedule currently shows 3 massive meals planned within a 72 hour window. And while our annual family Minute-to-Win-It Tournament is a hoot (with trophies, aggressive trash talking and all!) I know that kind of meal pressure can be pretty darn stressful for those with chronic tummy trouble. So I thought I’d better take some time sharing some solid tips on how to ENJOY holiday dinners and not feel bloated, sluggish and uncomfortable afterwards. I am going to start by saying that I’m not going to go on and on about all the things you shouldn’t eat over the holidays. This time of year is known for happy times, laughter and heck yah, a little indu

How to make 2019 the Year your Tummy Finally Calms the Heck Down!

2019 is going to be a big year for Heather Woodruff Nutrition... I have literally spent days mapping out projects galore to elevate the healthful vibration of this earth by supporting women to live wild and IBS free through deep digestive healing. I have wildly intentional plans in place like the next round of the Calm your Gut program (starts Jan 26!), Sacred Gut Healing Workshops booked through the winter (Costa Rica here I come!) and a brand new online workshop (stay tuned!) So much tummy healing goodness to help you truly listen to your gut and actually do something about it! But today I want to bring it back to you my digestively challenged friend. Healthfully; what do you want your 201

5 Natural Remedies to Calm your IBS Flare Up

This fall I supported a pretty incredible group of ladies through the Calm Your Gut Program which is an online 6 week program designed to help you pinpoint YOUR specific inflammatory tummy triggers & soothe digestive irritation. Even though I have been running digestively challenged humans through this program for years, I am still blown away by the gut calming results of this highly supportive program. One of my Calm Your Gutter’s, Alisa, felt she always had an upset stomach and would plan her entire life around her digestive issues. If Alisa was going out for dinner and a movie the movie would always come first because she never knew how her tummy would feel after dinner. Pepto Bismol was

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