The Top IBS Friendly Snacks

One of my favorite classes in Nutrition school was herbal medicine. I suppose that was my inner witch already coming out. For our final class we had a scheduled ‘herb walk’ to identify healing plants. To this day I still love recommending teas and tinctures for digestive healing. As excited as I was to frolic through the medicinal herb garden that day, I remember politely attempting to grill the instructor on how long we would be gone and would we be back by lunch. My instructor looked at me confused by the type A questions coming from a non-type A person, but my fellow nutrition school mates giggled. I had already built a reputation as a bit of a snacker. I was the person who always had

Top 10 Healing Foods for IBS

A brand new client of mine recently told me how she had stopped going out for dinner with her husband and friends because she found the menus depressing. What she meant by this was that every time she sat down at the table and opened the menu she was terrified to eat anything. She knew more than likely that she would be at home later that night, on the couch, nauseous and cradling a painfully cramped belly. While it’s important to pinpoint our unique gut triggers with zero doubt, we can really get hung up on the food we CAN’T eat. But it’s just as important to add in gut healing foods so that you can repair that temperamental belly and have a powerful digestive tract that can handle going ou

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