5 Gut Healing Recipes for Fall

Soups and stews are not only comforting as the weather cools and we roll into Fall they are also extremely healing and nourishing for our tummies. Especially your chronically inflamed tummy. That's why I rallied some nutrition experts together to inspire you with 5 gut healing recipes to give your belly some love... Curried Lentil Chowder by Root of Fruit Nutrition This is a fairly quick & easy recipe that seems fancier than it actually is! The lentils, creamy cashews, and the healing, nutritive, easy-to-digest bone broth lend just enough protein, fiber, and healthy fats to satisfy even the biggest of appetites! You can find this recipe by Root of Fruit Nutrition here. Healing Turmeric S

Tummy Repair After Antibiotics - A 5 Part Protocol

A few years ago a girlfriend of mine was explaining how her 3 year old son was prescribed antibiotics for a cut on his foot (preemptively, at that point no sign of infection). And I remember her looking at me apologetically and saying ‘sorry Heather, I know your against them.’ I was actually shocked at her comment as I had never told her or anyone else for that matter that I was ‘against antibiotics’. It was an assumption she made and I think many people make about me. And I can see how this assumption could be made; I have a diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition specializing in deep digestive healing and am pretty passionate about getting to the true root of digestive issues rather than jus


Kombucha! This refreshingly fizzy yummy bevy appears to have pretty much taken over the world lately. It's at Safeway, in Costco and even on tap at your favorite restaurant! But what's the deal with Kombucha?! Is it a gut healer, inflamer, or worth the $4 a bottle? What is Kombucha? I’m going to start with a little kombucha 101 – Kombucha is a fermented tea believed to originate in China. It is made by combining; caffeinated tea (usually green or black tea), sugar and a starter (aka: SCOBY or mother) and allowed to ferment for about 7-14 days. The benefits... The most important benefit to kombucha is that it is a rich source of probiotics which supports digestive health. A happy plentiful mi

Is Leaky Gut the True Cause of your IBS Symptoms?

When there is imbalance in the gut it can speak to us in a number of different ways… Bloating, excess gas, loose stools, abdominal pain, constipation (the list goes on). One person can be running to the bathroom 10+ times a day others are lucky if they go once a week. Garlic may trigger an IBS symptom flare up but it can also be an incredible herb for balancing the gut bacteria in others. Why is it so different from person to person? Well, for anyone with an ‘official IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) diagnosis this verdict comes not from a specific lab test, but from process of elimination. What this means is; all tests are coming back normal so it ‘must be ibs’. Unfortunately for most this is

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