5 Reasons Your Gut Isn't Healing

When I first start working with free spirited women and their chronic tummy trouble I often find they have fallen into this pattern… You spent a lot of time googling, tried some stuff like going gluten free, supplements and probiotics you heard about. And the painful bloated belly remains. You may feel a bit of relief but it never goes away entirely making you nervous to travel, go out with friends and live a life of your wildest dreams.That’s when the helplessness and frustration sets in. I know it did for me back in my past IBS days (notice how I said ‘past’ here?!) There are 5 key not so obvious reasons why your gut may not be healing… 1. You haven’t found YOUR specific tummy triggers Thi

Meal Planning Made Manageable

If you’ve got goals to eat healthier and improve your nutrition, having a meal plan strategy is going to help you get there faster and easier. In fact, the simplest way to ensure your success is to have a foolproof system in place you can repeat week after week. Meal planning guarantees you have accessible, healthy, delicious meals ready to roll the second you need them. Less rash decision making because you’re short on time and fewer trips through the drive-thru! You’ll save money on eating out and from wasting money on groceries that you don’t actually use. Meal planning regularly creates nourishing habits that benefit your entire family. It helps to provide structure and rhythm to your we

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