PMS & IBS – the hormonal link

Managing PMS along with your chronic digestive issues can be a painfully exhausting time of the month. Women with IBS are more likely to experience the following symptoms associated with menstruation; cramps, backache, low energy, insomnia, water retention and brain fog. On top of all that, they often will frustratingly need to also deal with worsening gut inflammation on the days leading up and during their period. WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT HORMONES & THE GUT By hormones I am referring to specifically estrogen and progesterone as these two are the big ones for menstruation. There are actually receptor sites for these two hormones all through your digestive tract and they appear to modulate gut lin

Why your Gluten Free Diet DIDN’T Calm your Inflamed Belly

I remember many years ago when we found out my nephew was reacting to gluten and my Sister-in-law struggled to figure out what to feed him because it was literally in EVERYTHING. But now walking the aisles of the grocery store you’ll see GLUTEN FREE plastered on everything from bread, sauces to carrots (that’s right carrots). The global forecast for gluten-free food sales is estimated to hit $23.9 billion by 2020. There are gluten free conferences, gluten free cook books, Facebook groups, support groups, etc etc. The days of my sister-in-law driving hours into the closest city for a loaf of bread are gone. Why this craze? Because it is a common food sensitivity and generally people do feel b

Balance your Microbiome and End Bloating for Good

A few months ago we arranged to spend a couple of hours over at our recently purchased home. We don’t actually move in until early September but we wanted to measure rooms and do some planning. As we left our townhouse we began running into our new future neighbors. Soon a crowd had formed and we almost met everyone on our street! This new community of ours is incredible! They were friendly, hilarious and offered up babysitting services for our toddler who was happily playing with all the neighborhood dogs. Connection is huge for me and one of the biggest reasons for moving from Vancouver to the beachside city of Port Moody was COMMUNITY. As we drove away that day and my husband and I gave e

How to Stock your Pantry with IBS ‘Safe Foods’

‘I have come to realize that healthy eating isn’t hard, it just takes more planning’ – This comment came directly from one of the patients I coached at an integrative cancer care centre I use to work at. For years I worked there with some of the most digestively compromised people due to illness and treatment. This patient hit the nail on the head ‘it isn’t hard, it just takes more planning’. Ensuring our home is our healthful oasis and stocked with the most gut healing foods is so key to keeping us on track in our digestive health journey and makes that planning just sooooo much easier. Finding your ‘safe foods’ (aka: foods that will not send you running to the bathroom 10+ times a day or t

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