[Sleep Expert Interview] The Necessity of Sleep with an IBS Healing Protocol

You may not feel that sleep belongs in a digestive healing protocol but I promise you that it is next to impossible to heal your painfully bloated irritated tummy without at least 7+ hours of it. This is when our body can take the time to actually heal and rebuild that damaged digestive tract. ⠀ ⠀ This is why I brought in the big guns today Beth Wyatt, who gives women safe, natural and practical solutions to relieve insomnia and bedtime anxiety, so they can get the deep, restorative sleep they need. As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner specializing IBS and chronic tummy troubles I am a firm believer in getting to the root of any health issues rather than just simply putting a band-aide

Metamucil for Constipation? Is it Safe?

I am chatting about this today because many of the women in the Natural IBS Support group struggle with constipation and one of the first things they get recommended to try is Metamucil. So I’m going to dig deep into this #1 Doctor recommended fibre brand (according to the Metamucil website) so that you can make your own choice if you are comfortable putting this into your body. First things first: ideally we should be pooping 1-2 times per day. That’s right per day! Anything less than that is not ideal for optimal health and is considered constipation. WHAT IS METAMUCIL? The main component that gets you pooping with Metamucil is ground psyllium husk which is the soluble fiber derived from t

How I Manifested My Dream Home & Why it takes more than just Nutrition to Heal the Gut

This is the most beautiful story of how I manifested my dream home… As many of you already know I have been home hunting aggressively for a long time (9 months to be exact). We sold our Vancouver condo last fall with the plan of buying a townhouse in the Oceanside city of Port Moody, BC. We wanted to be closer to the earth and ocean with more space to raise our spunky 2 year old girl. A few months after selling the condo our new home had yet to appear so we moved into the ground level of my in-laws house and kept looking. I started getting anxious, impatient and considered lowering our standards. Was a beautiful 3+ bedroom home surrounded by nature asking too much? MY MINDSET SHIFT Then whil

My Story – The Foods I thought were ‘Healthy’ were killing my Gut.

Through my childhood I had a long complicated health history with chronic eczema, infections, tonsillitis, allergies. The doctor told my Mom after the surgery when they remove my tonsils that they literally fell apart in his hands because there were so infected. My skin issues seemed to do better after moving from the dry prairies to the more humid west coast but they also evolved into digestive problems. I started getting really gassy and bloated after meals. I would wake up with a perfectly flat tummy and by the end of the day look about 5 months pregnant. I was going to the bathroom 8+ times a day which made me super self-conscience at the large open concept office I worked at with 300+ p

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