What is the Low FODMAP Diet & Will it Help my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

If you google IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) diets you, more than likely, will come across the Low FODMAP diet. But what the heck is it, does it work and is it the best diet for your chronic tummy trouble? WHAT IS IT? FODMAP stands for fermentable oligosaccharides Disaccharides and polyols. In normal people language… this means fermentable carbs/sugars and some foods contain higher amounts in them than others. These fermentable carbs are naturally occurring in foods such as; onions, garlic, wheat, dairy, honey, legumes, etc. You can look up a full high FODMAP food list at www.ibsdiets.org WHY THIS DIET FOR IBS? A healthy digestive tract should have no problem managing high FODMAP foods but f

[COOKING DEMO] 2 Gut Friendly Dairy Free Milks (in Less Than 5 Min!)

When my digestively challenged friends (aka: clients) ask me for a good store bought dairy alternative milk that will not inflame their already temperamental tummies I really struggle with an answer. Why? Because there are very few in the grocery store I feel 100% happy with. This is why I almost always make my own and today I’ll be showing you exactly how to easily make my 2 favorites that you can make yourself in under 5 min. Recipes in this video... Homemade Coconut Milk Hemp Milk And get more cooking demos over in the Natural IBS Support Facebook Group: The Natural IBS Support Facebook Group

Where to Find Accurate IBS Support (PS: It’s Not Google)

I remember my IBS journey many moons ago; It was frustrating, I missed work, I felt terrible and meals were a complete guessing game. After my doctor simply shrugged and said, ‘it must be IBS’ and sent me on my way I had no idea what to do. So I spent the next year ‘figuring it out on my own’. It was super confusing and lonely. I finally got the health support I needed, healed my gut, became a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and vowed to support women to become wild and IBS free through deep digestive healing. I am determined to not let anyone walk that journey alone like I did. This is exactly why I created the Natural IBS Support Facebook Group. Why is this group amazing? EXPERIENCE It’

The Top 8 IBS Belly Bloaters

I recently was trying to find photos of me back from my IBS days with my bloated Buddha belly. It turns out I deleted them all. Every single one. I used to be so self-conscience of it. Even though I worked out like crazy I looked 5 months pregnant. It was frustrating and embarrassing especially because I thought I was eating so healthy! I had a smoothie every morning with whole grain bread, ate lots of salads and vegetables, dedicated to my greens powder, etc. But I was still bloated! Turns out I was eating several of the foods listed below... Refined Sugar: like white sugar, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup etc. Refined sugar feeds the bad bacteria in the gut who tend to off gas a lot!

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