Your First Steps After an IBS Diagnosis

There you are sitting in the doctor’s office (again) waiting to hear the results of the stool test, blood work, colonoscopy, ultrasound or any of the other tests that may have been done. And instead of getting clarity as to what the heck is going on with your painfully gassy bloated belly you’re told, ‘well, everything appears to be normal so it must be IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)’. Why does this feel like a cop out? Because there is no actual ‘official’ medical test for diagnosing IBS, so Medical Doctor’s will do so via symptoms or process of elimination. IBS presents in so many ways for each person (there is not a clear cookie cutter symptom profile); you may have bloating and diarrhea

IBS Does Not Equal Hermit

I posted a quote a few weeks ago on my instagram account that had a lot of followers snickering ‘Good friends talk about their sex lives, best friends talk about poop’. I can’t take the credit for this truth bomb but felt the need to share a laugh with others. The big truth though is that while it’s estimated that 10-15% of people worldwide suffer from IBS, it’s a debilitating issue they often battle alone. Calling in sick for a cold/flu is no biggie but telling your boss you can’t stop pooping can be super awkward. Or skipping a dinner with friends because you’re so constipated, bloated and uncomfortable you can’t get off the couch. So you get the double emotional whammy of missing out on f

3 Life Changing Elixirs to Calm your IBS

At the time of posting I can officially be classified as a momentary gypsy. We sold our condo a few months ago and have yet to find our new dream home. Two things I am being super picky on… The yard and my precious kitchen. I probably spend 25% of my waking life puttering in the kitchen. It’s my magic place, the space where I concoct nourishing goodness for myself and my family. Food, herbs and how we cook them can be the biggest game changers in our digestive health and overall wellness. I’ve experienced it and seen it more times than I can count in my clients. These are my 3 go-to remedies that I encourage my tummy troubled clients to drink and calm their gassy bloated. Pick one of the bel

Irritated Gut – Irritated Brain (It’s Not All in Your Head)

I use to be terrified of public speaking. Whenever I had to do it I felt like a thousand psychotic butterflies had been released in my tummy and so nauseous I might throw up. I have now moved passed this and it’s one of my favorite parts of life (a story for another time) but the affect my brain had on my poor tummy was indisputable. Science has now established with zero doubt that there is a direct relationship between the gut and the brain. In fact there is cranial nerve called the vagus nerve that runs directly from the brain to the digestive tract. So your mood and emotions can affect your gut… and symptoms in your gut can cause or increase mental imbalances! And for persons with IBS (ir

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