Simple Steps to Kick IBS Constipation

Today I’m totally going there. I am going to be talking poop, more specifically how often or not often you are doing it. Talk to any nutritionist and we are pretty obsessed with poop talk. Why? Because it is seriously the window to your health and can give us huge ah-ha’s into what’s going on within you. How often should you be pooping? Ideally we should be making that #2 trip to the loo 1-2 times per day. That’s right per day! Why is this important? If are body is digesting too slowly we can actually reabsorb waste that our body worked so hard to eliminate like toxins, excess cholesterol or excess hormones. This is why we can often see symptoms like painful PMS, hormone related acne, skin i

How to Stop Managing IBS & Start Healing

When is comes to the STATS on IBS they are so startling that I simply that I couldn’t keep to myself… 5 Million Canadians are currently diagnosed with IBS and struggle daily to manage the symptoms of abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, excess gas and diarrhea or constipation or both. (That’s a whole lotta people!) IBS occurs most frequently in women under the age of 50 (what the heck ladies?!) And there is a huuuuuge correlation between IBS and depression/anxiety. (No, it is not in your head). Another little known fact is that IBS does not have to be forever. Most lovely humans upon diagnosis are told that IBS is ‘incurable’ and the goal is to just manage the symptoms with medication or are

Don't Buy Another Supplement (Until You Read This)

First things first I want to be very clear on one important point… there is no magic supplement out there that is going to ‘cure you’. As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner I get the best results from my clients by heavily relying on dietary re-balancing with some supplementation. It can be extremely effective to have that extra boost on your health journey, but even the best supplements won’t be enough to override a poor diet. I am a strong believer that supplements are meant to supplement which may be longer term for some, or short term for others depending on your health issues, imbalances and goals. But ideally I work with my clients to get them to a place where they are taking very fe

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