Are My Food Sensitivities Forever?!

Are My Food Sensitivities Forever? This is a common question many people ask me when they suspect food sensitivities may be the root of their bloated Buddha bellies, inflamed rashy skin, IBS or the 100’s of other documented potential food sensitivity symptoms. Before I answer this I need to be very clear on what I mean by food sensitivities… There are 3 types of food reactions; food allergies, food intolerances and food sensitivities. There are 3 types of food reactions; food allergies, food intolerances and food sensitivities. Food Allergy: This is a classic allergic response (anaphylaxis), symptoms usually appear immediately. The Skin Prick Test administered by a conventional Allergy Speci

5 Amazing Cookbooks to Nourish You From the Inside Out

As we take our first few steps into 2018 many of us set goals to ‘eat better’ but as time rolls on our motivation may drop or perhaps we didn’t know where to start so we never started. My favorite way to take the vagueness out of goal and give it more inspiration is to get more specific. Like instead of ‘eat better’ maybe it’s take a homemade lunch to work 3 days a week, add 1 extra veggie to my dinner or my personal favorite… Make one new recipe per week made from scratch. This last one is actually how I started my health journey many moons ago. Each recipe win started to make its way into my regular cooking rotation and crowd out the not so optimal meals I was having. Within a couple month

Why I'm Not a Vegan - A Story of Intuitive Eating

It’s interesting how many people assume I am a vegetarian or vegan based purely on my being a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. While in nutrition school I became my own science experiment and put myself through a number of therapeutic diets to see how they would impact my health. I’m sure my metabolism had never been more confused! One of the biggest eye openers for me was trying vegan for a week. Even with my diet well balanced with plant based proteins, nourishing fats and an abundance of colorful veggies; I felt miserable. I was ridiculously gassy, bloated and my energy continued to drop as the week went on. All I wanted was a giant organic grass-fed burger (I’m pretty sure I had dream

My No Fail Cold & Flu Rituals

Last week I woke up at 4 am coughing uncontrollably with tears running down my face. I have been sick for the last 2 days and feeling pretty miserable. In an attempt to allow my family to sleep I moved myself to the living room and tried to sleep on the couch. After 45 min of coughing into a pillow and trying to will myself to stop hacking I gave up (or gave in depending on how you look at it). I got up, went to my kitchen, turned on a dim light and started working some magic. I mindfully and slowly made one of my favorite cold remedies; Garlic Lemonade. I mashed the garlic, boiled the water, cut lemons and set it to steep. Then I laid back down on the couch and easily fell back to sleep wit

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