When a Labtest Gives More Questions

‘I don’t know what to eat!’ exclaimed Amanda as she grasped her IgG Food Sensitivity test frantically in her hands and frustration filled her voice. Her story was familiar to me… Amanda had started having a lot digestive issues a few years ago; bloating, gas, very soft stools and after numerous tests by her doctor was ‘officially’ diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Determined to not spend her life running to the bathroom at inopportune times she sought out having a laboratory IgG Food Sensitivity Test done for her to hopefully shed some light. Unfortunately almost everything on the test reacted in some form or another. Amanda was terrified at the idea of trying to eliminate 120 f

Health Benefits of Farmers Markets

Along with spring comes much excitement...warmer weather, cherry blossoms, spending more time outdoors and of course the abundant return to farmers markets! Whenever we speak of the benefits of our local farmers markets we hear comments such as "they create a stronger economy" or "they decrease our environmental impact", which are both very important, but what about the benefits to our health? Could shopping at a farmers market actually be healthy for us? Absolutely! Here is how: Time Spent Outdoors in Nature The very act of walking in the market and breathing the fresh air has amazing health benefits in itself. Spending time in a natural setting has been well documented to improve immunity,

Ferment Your Way To Good Health

Sandor Katz, aka: the godfather of fermentation describes fermented foods as being ‘alive with flavor and nutrition’ and as a nutritionist I couldn’t agree more! The art of fermenting foods has existed for thousands of years and was prized by a number of ancient cultures. From east to west, north to south it appears almost every culture has some form of staple fermented food in their traditional cuisine. Eastern Europe has its sauerkraut, kimichi in Korea, Hawaii with its poi and even fermented fish in the Arctic! What are Fermented Foods? Long before the invention of the refrigerator, freezer or chemical preservatives our ancient ancestors required methods to store food during the winter mo

The Power of Whole Foods

Nutrition is a journey. This is something I say to almost every client I see or during each talk I give. As with most people, I had my own personal nutrition journey that began over five years ago. For years I suffered from a condition called Interstitial Cystitis which is an inflammatory condition of the bladder. After multiple appointments with an urologist resulting in numerous tests and two surgeries, I was told that it was just something I was going to have to learn to live with. The only diet components mentioned to me were to decrease my consumption of coffee​, tea and alcohol which I found to provide no significant improvement. Shortly afterwards, I began seeing a wonderful Naturop

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